Your next #OOTD...

Hi, I'm Ashalynn!


I am a Los Angeles native turned Oregonian! I am a Mama of two beautiful children and three old but rambunctious doggies!

It's been a life long dream of mine to own my own business. Sage & Salvage is my heart and soul that I work so hard on daily!

When I first started Sage & Salvage I was a stay at home mom just looking to make a little extra income to help our family, Fast forward two years later and I am now a single mom trying to pursue my dreams while holding it down for my children and me.

I am so grateful I get to do what I do everyday and how far my little side hustle has come! It wouldn'tbe possible without all of you!

Sage & Salvage is a mixture of all the things I love, I am walking proof that you can have a wild side while still being a wholesome and hardworking mama!

Thank you for supporting my dreams and my small business. I truly love you all!